Cheryl Smith, DVM – Critical Care

///Cheryl Smith, DVM – Critical Care
Cheryl Smith, DVM – Critical Care <span class="sdata2" title="2017-01-11T21:42:05+00:00"></span>
photo courtesy of Ms Ann MacKay

photo courtesy of Ms Ann MacKay

Dr. Smith graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Physiology in 1983 and her DVM in 1987. Her professional education was topped off with a small animal internship at MSU. Except for the period spent doing her internship, she worked at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital from immediately after graduation until 2007, when she began employment at Midwest Animal Blood Services and worked in transfusion medicine.

She returned to AAAH when the daytime Critical Service was initiated in February 2012. Since that time she concentrates on the sickest patients and urgent care cases. Surgery continues to be a favorite activity and Dr. Smith is always ready to be involved in these cases.

Her passion for dogs and various activities with dogs is a focus for her outside of work. She maintains a flock of 65 cross-bred hair sheep to work stock dogs. Her small farm is a facility where lessons, clinics, and trials take place for herding dogs. She has 4-6 dogs at any given time; some are retired and aged, some are being shown and trialed, and some are the up and coming puppies.

Dr. Smith came back to AAAH because the staff is an internally driven force of excellence. The owner, Dr. Griebe, has brought together a broadly skilled team of professionals (doctors and technicians) and they have a dedicated support staff. Add that to a great facility, excellent continuing education, and clients that insist on the very best, and this practice excels in care and level of expertise.