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Spunky Rio!!

October's Pet of the Month is spunky Rio. He's a dapper Portuguese water dog and is quite the cookie monster!

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In Memoriam: CJ and Mike’s fight against canine cancer

Perhaps one of the worst manifestations of canine cancer is hemangiosarcoma. A pet can look perfectly normal until suddenly the tumor can burst, spreading cancer, throughout the body and incapacitating a healthy pet in a matter of days or hours. We bring you a heart wrenching story of just such a case in order to raise awareness of this insidious and often fatal disease.

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Should you crop the ears of your new puppy?

There are several breeds of dogs that owners will consider altering (docking tails or cropping ears among them). Tail docking is often done for safety reasons while today, ear cropping is usually a stylistic choice of the owner. For the purposes of this post we will focus on the practice of ear cropping and the pros and cons of the issue.

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Do you want to go further?

Do you want to go further? A2AH now offers our clients access to our very own VetTV channel! This channel has educational and entertaining videos that will inform and help you to take your pet's care to the next level.

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