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Julia Levitt Dog Training Classes for November

Julia Levitt of Julia Levitt Dog Training (formerly In Harmony Dog Training) is offering classes on Saturdays in . The puppy class is at 1pm on Saturdays, starting November 5th and meeting again on the 12th, 19th and finishing December 3rd. Cost is $145 The adult dog class is at 2:15pm on Saturdays, same days

Dog Days of Summer

The summer months usually see the most outdoor activity of the year for both ourselves and our dogs. The reason to have a dog is to have a companion. Your dog will look out for you, but you need to look out for it as well.

Camping With Your Dog

If you are an avid camper, it is natural that you would want to take your dog with you, though extra planning and precautions are needed.

Parasites of spring and summer

As the warmer weather of spring brings the outdoors back to life with flowers and animals, the parasites that feed on those animals also make their presence known. Unfortunately, these parasites are numerous and would love to make your pet their new home. The good news is that parasites and their ill effects can be combated and treated and in many cases are preventable.