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The Ann Arbor Animal Hospital is a 24-hour emergency facility, so we have staff in the building at all times—your loved ones are never left alone!

Medical Boarding at the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital

Standard Boarding
Our animal guests are housed in separate areas. We have various sized kennels for dogs who are allowed into runs twice daily for exercise and are walked three times a day. Cats have their own quiet room with double kennel spaces to separate litter boxes from their sleeping and feeding area.

We will feed food from home (if provided by owners) or one of our quality diets. All housing areas are fully cleaned and sanitized at least twice daily following the sanitation protocol used throughout the hospital.

Medical Boarding
Various levels of medical supervision is offered for pets requiring more care, including animals being observed for seizure activity, self-trauma (nose rubbing, chewing, etc.) food/water intake and urine/stool output to those on multiple medications and injections (insulin, sub-cutaneous fluid therapy) and those needing more intensive care such as bandage changes, hand-feeding or assistance getting up and walking.

Note: effective August 1, 2015, the Emergency Service Convenience Drop-off or Pick-Up Fee has been increased to $75.00 for both types of boarding. You can avoid this fee by planning your Boarding / Medical Boarding check-in and pick-up times between 8:30AM and 7:00PM, Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays between 8:30AM and 2:00PM.

If you find that our policy does not match your scheduling needs, please see our Resources page for other boarding facilities we recommend.

Intensive Care and Isolation for Critical Care
We have an intensive care unit (ICU) with heated cages designed to accommodate critical and emergency patients as well as two isolation (ISO) rooms separately ventilated for animals with contagious conditions.


All Boarding Forms are available here.