Meet gentle Opal (RIP), our December pet of the month

Meet gentle Opal our December Pet of the Month

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Santa at A2AH!

Santa is coming to Ann Arbor Animal Hospital on December 13th for photos with your pets!

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Canine Influenza outbreak in Toledo

The same canine Influenza outbreak originating in Chicago in 2015 appears to have reappeared in Toledo, OH.

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Spunky Rio!!

October's Pet of the Month is spunky Rio. He's a dapper Portuguese water dog and is quite the cookie monster!

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In Memoriam: CJ and Mike’s fight against canine cancer

Perhaps one of the worst manifestations of canine cancer is hemangiosarcoma. A pet can look perfectly normal until suddenly the tumor can burst, spreading cancer, throughout the body and incapacitating a healthy pet in a matter of days or hours. We bring you a heart wrenching story of just such a case in order to raise awareness of this insidious and often fatal disease.

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