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Easter lilies and cats don’t mix

If you suspect your cat may have ingested any part of a lily, it is imperative that you take it to a veterinarian immediately for emergency care, and tell the vet of your suspicions. If caught in time, the problems can be arrested and renal function restored; if not, permanent kidney damage can result and death becomes likely.

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Parasites of spring and summer

As the warmer weather of spring brings the outdoors back to life with flowers and animals, the parasites that feed on those animals also make their presence known. Unfortunately, these parasites are numerous and would love to make your pet their new home. The good news is that parasites and their ill effects can be combated and treated and in many cases are preventable.

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February Brings Pet Dental Health Month!

While you're out buying your sweetie that box of chocolates and flowers, remember your pet could use some lovin' this time of year as well! Poor dental health not only affects the mouth but can lead to health problems throughout the entire body.

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Pet Health Hazards During The Holidays

Did you know your holiday décor could pose threats to your pet’s health and well-being? Here are some things to be aware of when making your home festive.

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Feral Cats: Q&A

Is there a difference between a feral cat and a stray? Can a feral cat be domesticated and become a pet? How should a feral cat be approached? These questions and more answered in our latest post!

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Protect Your Pets From Rodenticides

As the colder weather and temperatures return, the native rodents consider moving into our homes, and we consider the various ways to deal with them. But before you use a rodenticide, consider the other animals it may affect.

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Feline Body Language

For cats, body language is the primary form of communication, and they use it to communicate with us-- we just don't necessarily understand their language.

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The Cat’s Meow

Different cats develop different meowing patterns independently. Can you understand what your cat wants based on its meow?

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Why is catnip so irresistible?

What you've always wanted (and need) to know about catnip!

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