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An Adoption Story, part 4

We continue to struggle with housebreaking and behavior issues. However, Sadie has responded exceptionally well to training and we are excited to work with her on this.

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An Adoption Story, part 3

Training's for the dogs, right? We have enrolled Sadie in puppy training and this has been incredibly helpful! Included are videos of things we've learned and an update on how we (and Sadie) are acclimating to this new life.

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Are your dogs afraid of Thunderstorms?

With summer comes not only the positives of getting outside and enjoying the warm weather but the concern about thunderstorms and other loud events.

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National Dog Training Month

by Julia Levitt of In-Harmony Dog Training My friend just e-mailed me to let me know that, yes, January 20th is National Penguin Awareness Day. Followed up the next day with National Squirrel Awareness Day. But what is important to us is that January is National Dog Training Month. Now, January seems like a strange

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