Things Dogs Eat That Can Make Them Sick (Or Dead)

Through our actions, we potentially put our pets in danger every day. Making different decisions about what products we really need to use and taking just a few extra precautions can save lives (and really large veterinary bills).

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Ask the Canine Behaviorist!

Julia Levitt is our "Miss Manners" for dogs. Do you have a question about your dog's behavior? Feel free to submit it and Julia will try to answer in her blog column here on our site. Today's question is about the holidays and how they affect your dog.

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Why Are Grapes Harmful to Dogs?

There are lots of holiday foods that could be a problem for your pet if someone leaves a plate of party snacks where your dog could get into it...fatty foods such as cheese cubes and nuts come to mind, and often they are served with grapes or dried fruits. We came across this excellent post today on the Ann Arbor Dog Blog and thought it would be worth reposting here on our site.

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