Easter lilies and cats don’t mix

If you suspect your cat may have ingested any part of a lily, it is imperative that you take it to a veterinarian immediately for emergency care, and tell the vet of your suspicions. If caught in time, the problems can be arrested and renal function restored; if not, permanent kidney damage can result and death becomes likely.

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Pet toxins: indoor/outdoor plants like “dumb cane”

Is it possible that unbeknownst to you, you have a few indoor plants that may be toxic to your pet? I did! What about common outdoor plants? This post provides information and resources to find out which plants are safe for your pet!

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Pet Health Hazards During The Holidays

Did you know your holiday décor could pose threats to your pet’s health and well-being? Here are some things to be aware of when making your home festive.

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Halloween Dangers for Pets

Every Halloween (and on several other holidays, for that matter) we see pets show up at the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital who are sick from ingesting candy, so we thought we would post some information that may help you let kids know about the effects of candy and other sweets and their potential to harm your pet...

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Protect Your Pets From Rodenticides

As the colder weather and temperatures return, the native rodents consider moving into our homes, and we consider the various ways to deal with them. But before you use a rodenticide, consider the other animals it may affect.

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National Poison Prevention Week

This week is poison prevention week, which is recognized every year in the third week of March.

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Things Dogs Eat That Can Make Them Sick (Or Dead)

Through our actions, we potentially put our pets in danger every day. Making different decisions about what products we really need to use and taking just a few extra precautions can save lives (and really large veterinary bills).

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Rattlesnakes in Michigan?

What to do if your dog tangles with a Massasauga. There have been some local stories of late regarding dogs being bitten by the Massasauga Rattlesnake here in Michigan, so we thought we would post a few links as well as some protocol of what to do if your dog tangles with a snake in

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