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Introducing Stiggy’s Dogs, our 2015 Charity Event partner!

We are pleased to introduce our 2015 Charity Event partner, Stiggy's Dogs! Stiggy's Dogs is a non-profit organization that helps military veterans suffering with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries with another form of healing through connecting them with rescue dogs.

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Belle, the therapy dog

Jessica Gutierrez is a young woman who was born with mental and physical disabilities. Despite her limitations, Jessica considers herself an "Ambassador" to help people understand the role assistant animals play in the lives of people like her.

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Do You Have a Therapy Dog?

We came across this great post by Ann Arbor's Geri Markel, entitled "Therapy Dogs, A Positive Distraction." In the piece, she writes about how therapy animals reduce stress, provide emotional support, and interact with patients, bringing a smile to their faces, as well as benefiting the atmosphere of care facilities. According to Therapy Dogs

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