Preventive Health Plans

Just like for people, any time we can prevent a pet from developing a health problem, or by finding a health problem early, the pet most often lives a longer, fuller life.

Coming this Spring we are excited to now offer Preventive Health Plans that will help clients pay for the necessary preventive health care needs of their pet such as vaccines, parasite tests, and examinations. These Preventive Health Plans are set up by species (dog or cat) and are also age appropriate. For example, our Puppy Preventive Health Plan includes all of the puppy vaccines, plus parasite testing and the pup’s spay or neuter surgery.

There are three major benefits of the Preventive Health Plans. They are:

1. Unlimited Examinations – All Ann Arbor Animal Hospital Preventive Health Plans include FREE Unlimited examinations. So if your puppy is scratching his ear, or your cat is drinking a lot of water, you can bring them in for an examination whenever you have a health concern.

2. Payment Options – The services in each Preventive Health Plan are bundled together and clients save money to purchase this bundle of services. There are two options for payment:

a. Payment Up Front – For clients who want to pay for the Plan at the time of purchasing the Plan, a discount off the total cost of services is calculated. Typically this amounts to a $50 to $140 savings off the cost of the individual prices for these services.

b. Monthly Payments – For clients who prefer to pay for their pet’s Plan over time, we offer the ability to make monthly payments, up to 12 months. This option will also save clients from $20 to $70 off the regular price of the services included in the Plan. We are hoping this option will really help those clients who would benefit by making monthly payments. Payments will be automatically drafted from the client’s checking account or debit card.

3. Preferred Pet Discount – All Ann Arbor Animal Hospital Preventive Health Plans will also include a Preferred Pet Discount of 5% off ALL services not covered by the Plan such as Emergency Services at AAAH, pet food and medications, including flea and heartworm medication (i.e. Frontline, Revolution, Sentinel and Heartgard).

Watch our website for updated information on our Preventive Health Plans or “Like” us on Facebook for timely updates.