National “Take your pet to work week” starts on June 20th this year!

It’s true that not every occupation is conducive to having a pet present. But many are, and why not talk to your boss about the possibility of incorporating this holiday week into the work schedule? You can cite the many statistics and studies out there that back up the idea that pets are good for mental health and are often used for therapeutic purposes. Happier staff, lower stress levels, and better employee retention have all been cited as benefits to allowing employees to bring pets to work. It also goes a long way in promoting good P.R., especially in a pet-friendly city like Ann Arbor. Check out some of the links included below to find more information to support your proposal:

BBC Health

American Animal Hospital Association

USA Today

Here at the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital we have long held a policy that allows our employees to bring their pets to work. Sure, we’re an animal hospital so perhaps this doesn’t come as a surprise, but we have found that having this allowance goes a long way with our staff and brings a smile to the faces of our clients.