Last week we published a post on our Preventive Health Plans and why they’re a benefit to your pet. This week we decided to delve a little more into why purchasing a PHP is a savings to your wallet.

At A2AH we stress that preventive health is the best policy for your pets long term quality of life. As a bonus, investing in your pets health now ends up saving you money because it’s much easier (and less expensive) to bring your pet in for their routine exams then it is to treat them after having developed a more serious condition.

In general, PHP’s provide unlimited exams per year. We have priced our PHP’s to reflect the cost of four preventive exams so any exam that exceeds this number is an instant $55 savings. PHP’s also cover baseline diagnostic tests, recommended vaccines, and plan specific surgery bundles. Pre-paying for a plan will save you the most money right off the bat (a total of 10% because we waive a monthly administration fee). If a client opts to pay monthly there is a total of 5% savings initially. For PHP enrollees we also offer a 5% preferred pet discount on other services and products, i.e, ER visit, food or medication purchased at A2AH. We have found that clients who saved the most money made use of all the services included in the plan. (To get more information on specific plans see the link at the end of the post).

We put together a few short case studies (names have been changed to protect privacy) to demonstrate how a PHP has saved our clients money yearly.

Fluffy was a Chihuahua with an intestinal mass who purchased a Canine Adult Health plan.  Due to Fluffy’s condition, she visited our hospital quite frequently; 12 times over the course of her plan. Fluffy’s owner elected to pay for the plan in installments, so they saved 5% up front on the plan services, and the 5% preferred pet discount on any other services during the course of the plan.  The result: $482.09 in net savings.

Mittens is a cat who is on her third Feline Adult PHP.  Mitten’s owner purchased food from us every month under Mittens’ plan, as well as seeing us for 4 exams, and ended up saving $125.35.

Patches is a terrier who belongs to a long-time client who is on his third PHP! Patches is currently enrolled in a Canine Adult with Dental Level 2 Health Plan.  This plan is half way through and expires in 6 months, so the client hasn’t fully realized their savings yet. However, Patches has only been in for 3 exams, and has not yet had his free urinalysis or 2 of his free vaccines, which will of course come with another exam or two.  If Patches receives these services and continues to purchase his chronic medications and food through us (and we suspect he will), Patches’ owner will easily save over $100 this year.

We are convinced that our PHP’s provide our patients and clients the very best care at a savings that encourages preventive medicine and a better quality of life for your pet. We look forward to answering any questions, please ask your veterinarian or our front desk staff if you need more information!

This link will take you to a section of our website dedicated to PHP’s so you can view the various plans and what specifically is covered by each.