Remember your childhood when you would run around all day with bare feet, sure to avoid the hot metal of the playground and the asphalt driveway in front of your house? I ran around barefoot so much that the skin on my feet would get calloused and desensitized to sharp rocks, sticks and twigs. While the pads on our furry family members paws can tolerate a lot, the high temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately can make asphalt, metal and concrete a real hazard to them.

If your pet is limping, licking their feet or upon examination, if they have blisters or look irritated they may have sustained a burn from a hot surface. Take your pet indoors immediately and run their paws under cool water or use a cold cloth to treat. Try to discourage your pet from licking their feet as this can transfer bacteria. Burns are particularly nasty to treat (in humans and pets) and can become irritated and infected easily. If you suspect a burn, take your pet to the vet and get them checked out. Avoid burns by not walking your dog on hot surfaces or during the hottest periods of the day.

If you could fry an egg on the sidewalk, it’s too hot for your pet! Use your judgement and avoid surfaces that trap heat in hot temperatures.