For the last several months the staff at A2AH has been mulling over ideas on how to put tools into our clients hands that extend beyond the exam room. We can explain and demonstrate for you how to pill your cat, but what if you need to see it again? Do you arrive home after a visit and think of more questions for the vet and staff you forgot to ask?

We are always willing to answer your questions anytime, but we also want to empower you as pet owners to go further and learn about your pet’s care, condition and general information you may not know. We’ve decided to offer our clients and staff access to our own customized VetTV channel. Our channel hosts educational and entertaining videos that you can view through our lobby TV or at home. Our DVMs and techs will also have access to these videos in our exam rooms. We’re pleased to bring our clients and staff this new tool to “go further” with your pets care!