We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce our clients and friends to a great organization we’re partnering with for dog training. PRO K-9 is a dedicated group of people with a heart for dogs. The PRO K-9 team consists of Jen Guthrie, Mat Sica and Morgan Frayer, all of whom come from a background of working with rescues. You can see this history with rescues manifest in their mission statement through a desire to equip owners with the tools they need to have a fruitful and harmonious relationship with their dog.


“PRO K-9 is an innovative dog training and behavior modification company devoted to maximizing the human-canine relationship through individualized, affordable, results-focused in-home and social training programs. Our mission is to keep dogs in their homes by educating owners and equipping them with the skills and continued support needed to create balanced companions.”

PRO K-9 will be hosting classes Thursday nights at A2AH in our second floor training room. They offer a variety of classes from puppy on up and also offer in-home training for more individualized attention. Dates and times can be found on our website.