We often say that prevention is the best medicine. Dr. Jason Nicholas (“Dr. J”), based in Portland, OR, really took this idea to heart. He is the founder of Preventive Vet, which he launched in 2011, and the author of the “101 Essential Tips” books—for both cats and dogs—which are filled with bite-sized tips to keep your beloved companions safe and out of the emergency room.

We want to share the books with our clients not only because they’re a great resource, but also because one of our LVTs, Carol Bedford, had the good fortune of working with Dr. J for about a year back in 2008 when she still lived in Portland. “I was impressed with his compassion and dedication to animal welfare and educating clients,” she recalls.

Dr. J had years of experience as an ER veterinarian, seeing many illnesses and injuries every day that could’ve been easily prevented. He launched Preventive Vet to try to make a larger difference than just treating the pets he saw; he wanted to prevent those accidents from happening in the first place, through educating pet owners.

“We’ve made it our mission to educate and bring awareness to as many people as we can,” states Preventive Vet. “Our books are filled with life-saving information, written by an expert, to prevent suffering for animals and financial stress for owners. They are fun, kid-friendly, and make great gifts for cat and dog owners of all experience levels.”

We love providing our clients with the resources to keep their pets healthy and safe. The two books from Preventive Vet, “101 Essential Tips: Puppy or New Dog” and “101 Essential Tips: Kitten or New Cat” (which aren’t just about puppies and kittens!) are available at our front desk for $9.95 each.