details worked out before icu was open active

In our last update on our new ICU, we were waiting on final inspection and then we’d start moving in. That was way back on June 2nd. But there haven’t been any updates since then—why not?

In short, things got busy. Extremely busy. With the inspections done, we moved in and set up the remaining equipment. As soon as we’d we stocked the new cabinets with supplies, the patients came. Things started off with a rush and we’ve been hustling ever since. Earlier this week we had twelve critical care patients in the hospital at the same time!

The purpose of the ICU project has always been to allow us to practice better, more advanced medicine so we can treat more—and more critical—patients. The dramatically expanded space and all of the new equipment, specialty cages and dog runs have given us the ability to do that.

Currently, our veterinarians and their staff are slowly making the new intensive care unit their own. It certainly has a “lived in” feel now after a few short weeks. However, as with so many things in life, the move-in is a work in progress. We’re still trying to figure out the best places to store supplies and medications, where to place some new equipment, and other smaller tasks before we stamp the new ICU “finished”.

icu open and active as doctors and staff work in the new unit

The ICU has certainly taken on a “lived in” look!

Another Challenge

With the expansion we’ve encountered another challenge: staffing. We have had a large influx of patients needing attention from a critical care, emergency and hospitalization perspective. In addition, we still offer medical boarding services so we’re caring for those patients while their parents are away from home. As a result, the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital and Emergency Service are hiring! We’re currently looking to add critical care DVMs, licensed veterinary technicians (LVTs) and veterinary assistants to our team.

Growing pains aside, we’re extremely proud of our devoted doctors and support staff, whose teamwork and dedication has been crucial. They’ve worked extremely hard under challenging circumstances to ensure we continue to provide an advanced level of veterinary medical care. Ultimately the goal for this ICU is simple: more healed pets.

ICU Construction Saga Conclusion

Hopefully we’ll have a post here and there about some interesting cases as time goes by. But for now, the ICU is open and active so the construction saga is at an end! We remain dedicated to the community we serve and we’re “Always Here, Always Ready, Always Caring.”

the consultation and visiting room for new open, active icu

The cozy new consultation and visiting room