We recently sent out an email regarding possible openings at 8am for walk-in clients in our parking lot at that time. This caused some confusion, which we’re sorry about, and we hope that the information below will help to clarify our policies!

At 8am, the day hospital (aka Primary Care) begins seeing clients. It is also at 8am that we begin putting clients into our virtual queue. (Please do not call before 8am to get into the virtual queue, as only the emergency hospital staff are answering phones at that point. Emergency staff must remain available to see critically injured patients, and are not available to put clients into the virtual queue. The virtual queue is not available for ER Service at this time.)

Since introducing the virtual queue, it’s become rare to have clients here and ready to be seen when we open for business at 8am. To avoid having so much time when doctors are available to help—but everyone who needs help is still a ten minute drive away—we encourage clients who live nearby and can get their pet into the car easily to try to be here at 8am and call from the parking lot to get into the virtual queue.

Note that although being here at 8am makes it more likely you will be seen quickly, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be seen right away as other clients may also arrive first thing in the morning, and openings are extremely limited.

If you need an example…

  • Mary, Sam, Joe and Elizabeth would all like to be seen first thing in the morning. Mary and Sam call in from home promptly at 8am. Mary is #1 in the queue and Sam is #2 in the queue. Meanwhile, Joe and Elizabeth both arrive in the parking lot at 8am and immediately call to let reception know that they would like to be seen. Joe is put in the virtual queue as #3 in line and Elizabeth is put in the virtual queue as #4 in line.
  • It is 8am and the veterinarian is ready to begin seeing patients. If all four clients were in the parking lot, Mary would be seen first (since she is #1 in the queue). Since Mary is not on site yet, she is skipped for now (she does not lose her place in line, just skipped). Sam would be seen if he were on site, but since Sam is not on site either, he is also skipped and the doctor instead sees Joe, who is #3 in the virtual queue but is the person on site who is highest in the virtual queue.
  • Before Elizabeth can be seen, both Mary and Sam arrive. The doctor would see Mary next (because she is highest in the queue), then Sam, then Elizabeth.

We hope this helps to clarify. Again, we are very sorry for not being more clear in our email. If you have any questions, give us a call at 734-662-4474 and our staff will be happy to help!