Update: After a lot of hard work, we’ve got things mostly back to normal after the ransomware attack and are ready to move forward on Monday, July 12th!

We are very excited (and a little nervous) to announce that, starting on July 12th, we will once again be allowing clients to come into our building for their pet’s exam!

Before you rush in, though, please read the rest of this post for the details.

Start it slow

It’s been more than a year since we’ve had clients in the building, and we know that pet owners have felt the absence of this valuable component of their animal companion’s healthcare.

These visits will tend to look more like they did in July of 2020 than they did in the carefree pre-COVID days of July 2019. What do we mean by that? Primarily, we’re being cautious. You’ll still wait in the parking lot instead of our lobby, and while you’re in the building for your pet’s exam, mask wearing and social distancing are still in effect. Check out the details below.

How it works

First things first, we want all clients to know that we’ll still be offering the curbside service that’s become the norm at veterinarians. If you prefer this experience for your visit, it’s still available and nothing will change for you.

All clients, whether intending to come into the building or wait in their cars during the exam, will still need to call ahead to get placed in our Virtual Queue.

If you’d like to attend your pet’s visit in an exam room, that’s great! The waiting portion (we know, we know… we hate waiting, too) will remain the same, with clients staying in their cars in our parking lot. When coming into the building, some restrictions are still in place.

    • The building still has a mask policy for all staff and clients; if you don’t have a mask, we’ll provide one for you.
      • If you’d prefer to not wear a mask, remember that curbside service is still available! We’ll come to your vehicle, retrieve your pet, and the doctor will call you to discuss the results of your pet’s examination.
    • When we call you, we’ll ask you to bring your pet to the front door area where one of our technicians will meet you and escort you directly to an exam room. Only one person will be allowed into the building with the pet.
    • We’ll need your help to not hold your pet while the DVM is doing the examination so we can ensure social distancing. This is also important for the safety of your pet.
      • The DVM may still want to take pet to our Treatment area for certain situations, but our goal is to do the examination with you present in the exam room.
    • Please remain in the exam room with your mask on at all times.
    • After your visit has concluded, the doctor’s technician will do the checkout, and then you and your furry friend can move on to the rest of your day!

Please bear with us

As with any change in protocol and procedure, this will likely take some time to work out the wrinkles and for everyone to get used to it. This is where we need your help. We’re once again asking for patience and understanding from all of our clients as we take this step back toward normalcy.