Our walk-in model is taking a hike. Surprised? Check out our previous post on the big announcement.

On October 4th, we left our walk-in model behind and switched to prescheduled appointments. Here is what to expect.

For Emergencies & Urgent Care

If it’s an emergency, please CALL us at 734-662-4474. This is the quickest way to get help.

Urgent Care is for something that is pressing but not a life/death emergency. (If you’re not sure if it’s an emergency please CALL!)

To request a same-day appointment for urgent (non-emergency) care, head over to the Urgent Care check-in page. The exam fee for all same-day appointments is $99.

Please note that we have very limited same-day appointment slots available, and we anticipate these filling up fast. Therefore, it is best to put in your appointment request as close to 8am as possible.

For Primary Care

Primary Care, also known as “routine care”, is for things like vaccines and annual check-ups. If you want to book an appointment for a future date, please either call us or go to the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital Appointment Request page and fill out the form.

Same-day appointments will generally not be available for non-urgent cases. However, there may be times when we have cancellations or have more available same-day appointment slots than we have sick patients who need to come in that day. When this happens, we may be able to schedule some non-urgent cases into same-day appointments. To request such an appointment, please visit the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital Appointment Request page.

Noon is the best time to try to get in for a non-urgent same-day appointment, as we will be booking any remaining same-day appointments at noon each day.

Please note:

  • All same-day appointments will have a higher exam fee (as compared with appointments that are scheduled in advance) AND will require a deposit equal to that exam fee at the time of booking.
  • Submitting your information through our Urgent Care & Appointment Request pages should be viewed only as a request to be seen; it does not guarantee an appointment.
  • We ask that clients please try to arrive at least 10 minutes early for any appointment, and if you are a new client, please be sure to bring any medical records and complete your new client paperwork (see here: New Client Form).

We look forward to continuing to provide the very best service to you and your furry family members!