A letter to all of the veterinarians who refer their patients to us for care:

Dear Veterinary Colleague,

The doctors and staff at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital thank you for your referrals! In keeping with our motto, “Always Here, Always Ready, Always Caring” we’re available to serve your patients as a referral or urgent care option when you’re closed, booked for the day, or need assistance with managing or hospitalizing a pet.

Options include:

  1. Same-day appointments with our primary care doctors which are available every day. Please have your clients call or visit our website [that’d be this one, www.AnnArborAnimalHospital.com] to request an appointment.
  2. Emergency care and hospitalization via our daytime emergency service. We ask that the referring DVM call (734-662-4474) to discuss the case with our ICU doctor to ensure we’re able to receive and best prepare for your transfer or referral.
  3. Emergency care and hospitalization via our overnight, weekend, and holiday service which is available year-round.

Thanks again for your referrals and support!

Please let us know if you have any questions, and as always, we’d love to hear any suggestions for improvement.

Wishing you a Happy Spring,

The Doctors & Staff at the AAAH/AAAHER