our doctors

The veterinarians at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital are not only passionate about delivering the highest level of patient care possible, but also act as mentors and coaches to our support staff and clients alike. It is our doctors’ mission to foster a learning environment as part of our commitment to excellence in veterinary medicine.

Our Doctors

Primary Care

Heather Jarrett, DVM, Primary Care Team Leader
Sara Barnhart, DVM
Taryn Clark, DVM
Amanda Critchfield, DVM
Claire Dosenberry, DVM
Janet Figarra, DVM
Jess Franklin, DVM
Kristina Zhang, DVM

Emergency & Urgent Care

Kerry McKinney, DVM, ER Care Team Leader
Jen Azofeifa, DVM
Lindsay Swain, DVM

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The DVMs at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital are detail-oriented, accurate and work together as a team to ensure that patient care is kept as the highest priority. Our doctors participate in regular meetings with their colleagues and staff each week, to set protocols and policies for care, to discuss case studies and diagnostic procedures, to diagnose medical or surgical conditions and to present treatment alternatives to clients while being sensitive to their emotional needs and financial status.

Clear, Concise, Warm & Empathetic

Our doctors possess great communications skills. They are good listeners with a positive, compassionate, professional manner, providing an atmosphere of efficiency in patient care. We foster a client-centered environment in our practice and believe in going the extra mile for our patients.

Continuing Education

As part of Ann Arbor Animal Hospital’s commitment to excellence, all of our veterinarians complete an average of 30 hours per year of continuing education. Each DVM then shares this knowledge with the staff. Continually improving skills and updating the entire hospital on medical developments and advances in veterinary care is very important. This focus on continuing education allows us to develop new protocols and procedures to best meet the needs of our patients.

Our Doctors are Committed to our Community

As animal lovers, our vets are familiar with behavior issues and obedience techniques so they can provide pertinent, useful information on pet socialization and training. Our vets also are dedicated to participating in the community—including pet emergency teams, 4H Fair, wildlife rescue organizations and animal adoptions. Each autumn, we hold a fundraiser to collect money for a local charity and our Fixed Income Family Fund.