Jen Azofeifa

Dr. Azofeifa joined the ER & Critical Care doctors at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital in 2015.

She grew up on a farm in Costa Rica where she was inspired to be a veterinarian by working with and caring for the animals daily. She completed her DVM in 2006.

Dr. Azofeifa values working at AAAH because we have great technicians and equipment, which help to provide a high quality of care, and a group of colleagues for sharing ideas. “Having a large pool of “brains” to discuss cases with is priceless. Everyone is treated well,” she says. “I’m inspired by the way the whole team comes together to work on critical cases and give our patient the best chance of survival.”

Her golden rule for pet owners is, “If in doubt, have your pet checked out.”

Dr. Azofeifa has two highland cattle named Sophia and Elena; a peacock named Paro; a labradoodle named Rio; two cats, Jelli & Moppett; and a 22-year-old cockatoo named Bean.