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Always There, Always Caring
Ann Arbor Animal Hospital: Abiquiu Testimonial Abiquiu was a darling, happy six month old golden retriever puppy who suddenly went south fast one Memorial Day Weekend. She had just come home from socialization play and seemed tired. A few hours later, we took her to Ann Arbor Animal Hospital after hours, and by that time of night she couldn’t even hold her head up. We were terrified that she had somehow ingested something possibly fatal.

We received much encouragement from your staff of doctors over the next few days as our poor puppy recuperated at your hospital. We even received a lengthy personal phone call from the doctor the next morning whose communications with us demonstrated extreme patience and compassion for our family.

We never were certain of her diagnosis, but as I checked out with her on Memorial Day to go home, I remember David giving me words of encouragement—reminding me that in six months, we would be celebrating Abi’s first birthday, and that this would be all but a faint memory by then. Happily, that is exactly what happened, and this dog remains the light in our eyes. Thanks to everyone who gave their time and attention to us and our pet; we appreciate it greatly.

—Cheryl L.

Greatest Animal Hospital EVER!
This is the most amazing place for anyone to take their pets to. We’ve been customers for nearly 6 years… Our 13lb Bichon was attacked by our neighbors dog and severely injured, it was 4:00pm. We rushed her to the AA Animal Hospital, usually a 20 minute drive but of course it was rush hour traffic and 2 accidents on the expressway. She was taken in immediately by Dr. Jarrett and Dr. O’Rourke and I think every tech available. She was in surgery till 9:30pm. All the staff left at 7pm but kept calling in to see how “Sami” was doing. She made it but they had to call a 3rd surgeon in to help. She was kept in ICU for 3 days and had the best of care. We were allowed to visit every day.

We have always been impressed with the hospital but this latest incident certainly made 5 stars with us. Too expensive???? I don’t know, what’s the price of your loved one? We actually felt the price was reasonable.

—Lottie P.

The AAAH has been the veterinarian of choice for my family for 37+ years. They are miracle workers from the minute you walk in the door, until you walk out. This year has been a difficult one for me as I have a 3 year old cocker spaniel who has been diagnosed w/ liver disease… I didn’t have much hope she would pull through, and be able to live a 3 year old puppy lifestyle. AAAH has knowledge, experience, faith, love that has beat the odds, my best friend is on a daily medicine routine, and you would never know she has liver disease. Everyone @ AAAH is truly a blessing for my best friend & myself.

—Julie W.

Parvo Puppy
We completely trusted that our puppy was being properly taken care of and going to get his best chance there and he did, he fully recovered from the virus. We were given all our options for treatments, payment plans, at home care, etc. We were over all very pleased…

—Ashley P.

My Best Friend Survived Thanks to Dr. Webster!
It had been seven months since my dog had been hit by a fast moving car. Today he runs 7 miles every other day with me, he plays, he swims; he’s a happy 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier…


Best Care Around!
…Besides making me feel comfortable at a time of mega stress concerning Gandalf, Ann Arbor Animal Hospital quickly assessed our situation (transfer of care for full management from out of county) gave us a clear well planned course of treatment and options, implemented immediate therapy needed for Gandalf’s safety and did so with a kind understanding of my feelings under the circumstances all wrapped up with a good sense of humor.

—Dr. David L.

Professional, Compassionate, Excellent Vet‎‎
I took my older dog to the AAAH when he stopped eating much. From my first interaction with a staff member on the phone, to Dr Clark’s care for my dog (who had to be put to sleep that same day) everyone I came in contact with was compassionate, knowledgeable,and professional during what was an unexpected and difficult time. I have been to various vets in the greater metro Detroit area and this one is by far the best I’ve come across.‎


We Were Skeptics…
This was the last ditch effort to help our 14 year old, 50 pound canine friend recover from a painful, debilitating arthritic knee injury. To our amazement and joy, Laser Therapy helped her recover to a manageable condition. Since she had no other health issues, we decided to add electroacupuncture to aid her in managing her arthritis. Together, these two treatments given on a regular basis, have helped her maintain a level of mobility and provide her with a good quality of life to allow her to continue with her journey toward her 15th year. We no longer doubt the benefits that Laser Therapy and Acupuncture can provide, we have seen it first hand.

—Vic & Nancy G.