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Three Legs and a Spare

There is a myth that a tripod cannot or will not have a good quality of life and will not be able to be a 'dog' or 'cat'. The reality is that they can do anything a 4-legged friend can do. They can run, they can jump, navigate stairs, swim and are overall very happy animals!

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Halloween Brings Host of Horrors For Pets

Each year, veterinarians across the country see scores of pet injuries during this time of the year that could easily have been avoided. Pet owners should keep in mind that pets are creatures of habit and don't appreciate the exciting things that Halloween brings.

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Tricks and Treats for Home Health Care

In the spirit of Halloween, here are some tricks with treats you can try to make home health care tasks for your dog and cat—and you!—a little easier. We’ve been using some of these techniques at the clinic and have found that they make the procedures both rewarding for them and successful for us.

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