Easter lilies and cats don’t mix

If you suspect your cat may have ingested any part of a lily, it is imperative that you take it to a veterinarian immediately for emergency care, and tell the vet of your suspicions. If caught in time, the problems can be arrested and renal function restored; if not, permanent kidney damage can result and death becomes likely.

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What is animal chiropractic?

The brain and the spine are the command centers of the nervous system. Chiropractic care aids in keeping the spine in proper alignment and by doing so can relieve nerve pain and help increase mobility in your pet. Check out this post and our website for more about the chiropractic services we offer!


Senior pets and cancer

Advancements in both human and animal medicine have aided both in achieving better health and longer life expectancy. However, living longer also increases our chances of contracting certain illnesses and cancer is one of these. The most common types of pet cancer and other interesting facts are included in this post.

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A2AH’s new ER website!

24/7 Emergency care is a big part of our business so we've decided to create a new website solely dedicated to ER. We hope this will assist owners and pets in an emergency to find us more quickly and get the information they need faster!

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Keeping your pet safe for Halloween

Few things are cuter than seeing pets dressed up for Halloween, but celebrating this holiday with your pets can pose some particular risk. This post contains tips on how to celebrate the holiday safely with your pets.

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Dog Days of Summer

The summer months usually see the most outdoor activity of the year for both ourselves and our dogs. Your dog will look out for you, but you need to look out for him as well.

It burns, burns, burns…

We're expecting incredibly hot conditions in Michigan within the next few days. And just like the Johnny Cash song, meteorologist call this weather phenomenon a "Ring of Fire". What does this mean for your pets? How to keep them safe and prevent heat stroke is the topic of this post.

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“Take your pet to work week 2016”

"Take your pet to work week" is approaching (starting June 20th) and culminating in "Take your pet to work day" on June 24th. Studies show that it's beneficial for both employees and clients to see and interact with pets in the work place. Lower stress levels and higher retention are two of the many cited benefits.

Camping With Your Dog

If you are an avid camper, it is natural that you would want to take your dog with you, though extra planning and precautions are needed.

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Pet Obesity findings 2015

Pet obesity is a huge problem! Going into the summer festivities and celebrations keep in mind that every extra table scrap or treat you feed your pet can impact their quality of life. This post includes information on how to determine if your pet is overweight.

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June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

Approximately 7.6 million animals enter our national shelter system each year and of this number, 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats. Read on for more interesting facts about our shelters!

A Yellow Ribbon: ask before petting

Some conscientious dog owners will attach a yellow ribbon to the leash or collar of a pet that may need some extra space. Be sure to ask before petting these animals and if walking your own dog, try to give the yellow ribboned dog plenty of room.

National Animal Preparedness Day May 8th

National Animal Preparedness Day isn't just a reminder to have a family action plan for a major disaster e.g. terrorist attack or Hurricane Katrina-like flooding, but for smaller family emergencies as well.