Adventures in the ER: Denise and Niko

Ranging from comedy to tragedy we've seen it all here at A2AH ER, but when Denise and Niko's story came rushing in one night, it took many of our “I've seen it all” ER docs and techs by surprise! (This story contains graphic images and may not be appropriate for children or the queasy)

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November is Diabetes Awareness Month!

November is Diabetes awareness month! Diabetes isn't uncommon among both dogs and cats. Take your pet in for regular check-ups and ask your vet if you have concerns about this disease!

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Halloween Dangers for Pets

Every Halloween (and on several other holidays, for that matter) we see pets show up at the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital who are sick from ingesting candy, so we thought we would post some information that may help you let kids know about the effects of candy and other sweets and their potential to harm your pet...

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Choosing the right breed

When you are considering adopting or purchasing a dog it is very important to match your energy level and life style with the breed you choose. Both you and the dog will be happier for it! To be a responsible pet owner, don’t be afraid to ask yourself some hard questions...

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