Non-verbal Cues From Dogs & Anxiety

Julia Levitt is the founder of In Harmony Dog Training ( in Ann Arbor. Julia provides individual training for dogs and their owners, and also conducts dog training classes at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital. She also serves as a behaviorist that our veterinarians refer difficult behavior cases to.

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Pet Peeves

Pet peeves — we have them for encounters with humans but what do the professionals say who work with dogs on a daily basis? It is cruel to leave a dog unattended for hours 1. Pets left alone and tied-up in the yard all day If there’s one thing Peaceable Pet owner-pet sitter Robin Peterson and her

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Is Your Dog Counter Surfing?

Our own "Miss Harmony for Dogs," Julia Levitt, recently wrote an article for about the dangers of counter-surfing. While it sometimes can be kind of funny, it can also have tragic results. Julia makes an important point—if your dog is counter-surfing, perhaps it "needs another job"—dogs who don't have their energy channeled into activities

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Do You Have a Therapy Dog?

Kipu with a patient We came across this great post by Ann Arbor's Geri Markel, entitled "Therapy Dogs, A Positive Distraction." In the piece, she writes about how therapy animals reduce stress, provide emotional support, and interact with patients, bringing a smile to their faces, as well as benefiting the atmosphere of care

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A Happy Dog is one that is Challenged

Do you take your dog to classes specific to their breed? Finding a person who has sheep for the herding breeds and agility for high energy dogs ? Both of these activities channel the breeds natural instincts for herding. These activities also keep the dog focused and attentive to their handler.

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Pet Treat Recall info (5/4/11)

We came across an article by pet writer, Lorrie Shaw, at and thought we would repost here on our blog: According to the Associated Press as of late Tuesday evening, the Keys Manufacturing Co. Inc. of Paris, Ill. is recalling their called Pig Ears for Pet Treats, after the product had been linked to

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Charity Garage Sale Announcement

Our annual Charity Dog Wash/Garage Sale/Bake Sale is coming up on Sunday, May 22nd! All proceeds benefit our Fixed Income Family Fund and the Ronald McDonald House. Donated items can be delivered to the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital during regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat 8am-2pm). We're accepting virtually anything you want to donate. We

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Wellness Canned Cat Food recall

Certain lots of WellPet’s Wellness® canned cat food have voluntarily been recalled because they may contain less than adequate amounts of thiamine. Internal testing by the company found that most lots of the canned food contained sufficient amounts of the vitamin, but WellPet says it decided to recall certain lots “out of an abundance of


Rules for treatment of a fickle feline

When animals are sick—especially with chronic illnesses—many treatments may be given if they exhibit dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, appetite loss, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. While a dog often tolerates several different oral medications and might devour six pills hidden in a meatball, it can be tricky to give oral medication to cats as they are much more

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What to do: My cat bites too much

There are 4 common reasons a cat may bite a family member: Modifying bad behavior requires careful timing of a mild safe correction, like a loud noise, squirt with a water pistol, or just moving away from the cat. Swatting at or hitting a cat is not effective. The cat also needs to be encouraged to exercise and play attack an approved prey object. You should avoid repeating situations where the cat has previously showed biting behavior. For some cats it is necessary to limit lap time. I encourage an office visit to evaluate the cat if you think there is unusual biting behavior.

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Be the “Alpha Dog”

It may be easy to forget that dogs are not simply humans in a different package, and that they don't respond to situations in the same way that we do...Dogs become unbalanced and display unwanted behaviors when they think they are the leader of the pack—so it's up to you to be the alpha dog and take charge!

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How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Our friends at Groom-n-Go recently put together this short video demonstration about how to cut your dog's nails. While most of our clients prefer to have us trim their dog’s nails on a regular basis, we thought we would provide this little video tutorial on how to clip your dog’s nails yourself. As it is

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Kroger Pet Food Recall 12/18

According to, Kroger has announced a pet food recall over this past weekend. The recall is due to a possible aflatoxin contamination and affects the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. Pet owners who suspect


Frankie Gets a Microchip! (VIDEO)

Ann Arbor Animal Hospital Presents: Frankie Gets a Microchip! Dr. Janet Figarra demonstrates how easy and painless it is to microchip your pet. It's Microchip Month this October at the Animal Hospital, so if you've been thinking about doing this, it's a great time to make an appointment! As we mentioned in our post about

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Rattlesnakes in Michigan?

What to do if your dog tangles with a Massasauga. There have been some local stories of late regarding dogs being bitten by the Massasauga Rattlesnake here in Michigan, so we thought we would post a few links as well as some protocol of what to do if your dog tangles with a snake in

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October is Microchip Month!

There are not many things more heartbreaking than posting a “Missing” flyer for a lost pet. So during the month of October we will be encouraging our clients to consider protecting their pet with an avenue for permanent identification—the microchip! According to the American Humane Association, only about 17% of lost dogs and 2% of

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Traveling with your pet

As part of Microchip month here at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital, we thought we would post some useful information regarding traveling with pets. We've heard some tragic stories of lost animals, but also many of pets and owners reunited because of microchipping. Some other resources you may or may not be aware of include this

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