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Choosing the right breed

When you are considering adopting or purchasing a dog it is very important to match your energy level and life style with the breed you choose. Both you and the dog will be happier for it! To be a responsible pet owner, don’t be afraid to ask yourself some hard questions...

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Training your puppy = Preventive Medicine?

My name is David Caddell and I am the Hospital Director at the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital. Julia has been our training instructor and also serves as a behaviorist that our veterinarians refer patients too. We see pets on an almost weekly basis who have ingested some type of foreign body requiring life saving surgery. Julia believes training can actually serve as preventative medicine.

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Non-verbal Cues From Dogs & Anxiety

Julia Levitt is the founder of In Harmony Dog Training (www.inharmonydogtraining.com) in Ann Arbor. Julia provides individual training for dogs and their owners, and also conducts dog training classes at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital. She also serves as a behaviorist that our veterinarians refer difficult behavior cases to.

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Dogs Greeting Dogs

Strolling down the street for your morning walk with your trusty canine friend — suddenly your dog spots another dog. You feel your arm being yanked and your pace is rapidly picking up. Before you know it, your dog is either ferociously barking and lunging at the newcomer, jumping on the person walking the other

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Pet Peeves

Pet peeves — we have them for encounters with humans but what do the professionals say who work with dogs on a daily basis? It is cruel to leave a dog unattended for hours 1. Pets left alone and tied-up in the yard all day If there’s one thing Peaceable Pet owner-pet sitter Robin Peterson and her

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