Pet Health Hazards During The Holidays

Did you know your holiday décor could pose threats to your pet’s health and well-being? Here are some things to be aware of when making your home festive.

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Choosing the right breed

When you are considering adopting or purchasing a dog it is very important to match your energy level and life style with the breed you choose. Both you and the dog will be happier for it! To be a responsible pet owner, don’t be afraid to ask yourself some hard questions...

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The Cat’s Meow

Different cats develop different meowing patterns independently. Can you understand what your cat wants based on its meow?

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Responsible Pet Ownership

The phrase "responsible pet ownership" is almost synonymous with the spay/neuter campaign. When we mention it here, however, we are talking about what cats and dogs need to be happy, balanced and healthy, both mentally and physically.

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Training your puppy = Preventive Medicine?

My name is David Caddell and I am the Hospital Director at the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital. Julia has been our training instructor and also serves as a behaviorist that our veterinarians refer patients too. We see pets on an almost weekly basis who have ingested some type of foreign body requiring life saving surgery. Julia believes training can actually serve as preventative medicine.

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Non-verbal Cues From Dogs & Anxiety

Julia Levitt is the founder of In Harmony Dog Training ( in Ann Arbor. Julia provides individual training for dogs and their owners, and also conducts dog training classes at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital. She also serves as a behaviorist that our veterinarians refer difficult behavior cases to.

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Dogs Greeting Dogs

Strolling down the street for your morning walk with your trusty canine friend — suddenly your dog spots another dog. You feel your arm being yanked and your pace is rapidly picking up. Before you know it, your dog is either ferociously barking and lunging at the newcomer, jumping on the person walking the other

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Pet Peeves

Pet peeves — we have them for encounters with humans but what do the professionals say who work with dogs on a daily basis? It is cruel to leave a dog unattended for hours 1. Pets left alone and tied-up in the yard all day If there’s one thing Peaceable Pet owner-pet sitter Robin Peterson and her

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Is Your Dog Counter Surfing?

Our own "Miss Harmony for Dogs," Julia Levitt, recently wrote an article for about the dangers of counter-surfing. While it sometimes can be kind of funny, it can also have tragic results. Julia makes an important point—if your dog is counter-surfing, perhaps it "needs another job"—dogs who don't have their energy channeled into activities

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Help to establish good litter box behavior

There are more than 93 million owned cats in the United States, with a third of all American households having at least one feline. Inappropriate elimination (going potty where they shouldn't) is the #1 behavioral problem in cats, but it can be prevented.

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A Happy Dog is one that is Challenged

Do you take your dog to classes specific to their breed? Finding a person who has sheep for the herding breeds and agility for high energy dogs ? Both of these activities channel the breeds natural instincts for herding. These activities also keep the dog focused and attentive to their handler.

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Cat Versus Sofa

Whether or not to declaw is undoubtedly the most heated debate among cat lovers. Fortunately with some training, you may be able to persuade your cat to scratch a scratching post or mat rather than your furniture.

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What to do: My cat bites too much

There are 4 common reasons a cat may bite a family member: Modifying bad behavior requires careful timing of a mild safe correction, like a loud noise, squirt with a water pistol, or just moving away from the cat. Swatting at or hitting a cat is not effective. The cat also needs to be encouraged to exercise and play attack an approved prey object. You should avoid repeating situations where the cat has previously showed biting behavior. For some cats it is necessary to limit lap time. I encourage an office visit to evaluate the cat if you think there is unusual biting behavior.

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Be the “Alpha Dog”

It may be easy to forget that dogs are not simply humans in a different package, and that they don't respond to situations in the same way that we do...Dogs become unbalanced and display unwanted behaviors when they think they are the leader of the pack—so it's up to you to be the alpha dog and take charge!

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2011 Resolution for Your Dog (& You!)

Let's face it, in January and the upcoming winter months it can be a little challenging to provide enough exercise for your dog...It is good to remember all dogs were bred to do something: Pull a sled, follow a scent, or sit in a lap. The walk is like a work out for dogs! So let’s give our dogs something to do and some direction to follow to get the most from these chilly outings. A good walk is Doable!

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Ask the Canine Behaviorist!

Julia Levitt is our "Miss Manners" for dogs. Do you have a question about your dog's behavior? Feel free to submit it and Julia will try to answer in her blog column here on our site. Today's question is about the holidays and how they affect your dog.

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