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Halloween Brings Host of Horrors For Pets

Each year, veterinarians across the country see scores of pet injuries during this time of the year that could easily have been avoided. Pet owners should keep in mind that pets are creatures of habit and don't appreciate the exciting things that Halloween brings.

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Is My Cat Sick? Signs of Illness in Cats

Pay attention if your cat is sleeping more or sleeping less, suddenly has bad breath or is eliminating outside of the litter box, as these and others can be signs that something is wrong. Cats are masters at hiding signs of illness; keeping your eyes open can help you figure out when they need help.

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Parasites of spring and summer

As the warmer weather of spring brings the outdoors back to life with flowers and animals, the parasites that feed on those animals also make their presence known. Unfortunately, these parasites are numerous and would love to make your pet their new home. The good news is that parasites and their ill effects can be combated and treated and in many cases are preventable.

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