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Warm weather is coming and with warm weather comes fleas. The best way to fight these pesky parasites is to know your enemy. Here are some facts to help you understand what you are up against when it comes to protecting against and treating your pet for fleas.

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Assistive Devices for Animals

We have two articles coming out this month featuring dogs that have severe disabilities. (The first, A Halo for Lacie, was published on April 5th.) Despite the odds, both these pets have recovered and are able to live happy lives with their owners. A severe disability isn't a death sentence for a pet; there are many assistive devices that an owner and pet can use that can improve quality of life for both.

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“Cat Flu” in Ann Arbor!

Starting around the beginning of March, 2015, cases of sick cats with vomiting and loss of appetite started being seen in Ann Arbor. We saw cats with signs like this in three families in mid-March.

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What is a “Dental”?

Often we tell our clients that their pet needs a "dental". This can be a confusing term as it can mean different things to different people. When we recommend a dental, what do we mean?

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Upcoming study on Aggression Between Housemate Cats

If you have multiple cats sharing your home and they are fighting or showing signs of territorial aggression toward each other, they may be eligible to participate in an upcoming clinical trial. For those interested, details on the study and enrollment qualifications are in the image below. (Click on it for a larger view) Enrollment

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