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Thanksgiving tips for pets

Thanksgiving is a time for traveling to visit family and friends and time to enjoy bountiful meals. However, both traveling and the abundance of food can prove stressful or dangerous to your pets. Be sure to keep your companions safe and free from holiday hazards.

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Easter lilies and cats don’t mix

If you suspect your cat may have ingested any part of a lily, it is imperative that you take it to a veterinarian immediately for emergency care, and tell the vet of your suspicions. If caught in time, the problems can be arrested and renal function restored; if not, permanent kidney damage can result and death becomes likely.

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Success Story: Ruger’s Obstruction

Jeri Wagner is the owner of a large, black and silver Tabby cat named Ruger.  Ruger, a male cat, was brought to the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital for treatment due to a serious, life threatening health issue.  Jeri felt it was very important to share Ruger’s story and her experience to help other cat owners

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A Loving and Compassionate End

Whether owners decide to opt for medical procedures hoping to extend a pet’s life or humanely euthanizing their pet, the human animal bond cannot be overstated. The love we feel for our pets results in grief when we lose one. The intensity varies in each individual but emotions are very real. Acknowledging and dealing with pet loss grief is important to recognize because it then allows us to heal and move on.

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Success Story: Nini the Cat

End of Life decisions are, sadly, a part of owning a pet. To euthanize or not to euthanize due to medical problems, quality of life, and (unfortunately) the cost of extreme medical care are all issues which must be weighed by responsible pet owners. This is the story of a family who went to extreme measures to extend the life of their beloved pet, successfully.

Help to establish good litter box behavior

There are more than 93 million owned cats in the United States, with a third of all American households having at least one feline. Inappropriate elimination (going potty where they shouldn't) is the #1 behavioral problem in cats, but it can be prevented.

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Pet Insurance Made Simple

More pet owners are researching pet health insurance to help offset the potential veterinary bills if their pet becomes ill or gets injured. With pet insurance the pet owners can provide the best medical care for their pets without finances getting in the way.

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Cat Versus Sofa

Whether or not to declaw is undoubtedly the most heated debate among cat lovers. Fortunately with some training, you may be able to persuade your cat to scratch a scratching post or mat rather than your furniture.

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Prevention and treatment of heartworm

April Is Heartworm Awareness Month: Heartworm disease is easily prevented with a variety of veterinary drugs in the form of pills, chewable tablets, topicals and injections. As always, prevention is better than treatment, and we think your pet would agree.

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Rules for treatment of a fickle feline

When animals are sick—especially with chronic illnesses—many treatments may be given if they exhibit dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, appetite loss, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. While a dog often tolerates several different oral medications and might devour six pills hidden in a meatball, it can be tricky to give oral medication to cats as they are much more

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What to do: My cat bites too much

There are 4 common reasons a cat may bite a family member: Modifying bad behavior requires careful timing of a mild safe correction, like a loud noise, squirt with a water pistol, or just moving away from the cat. Swatting at or hitting a cat is not effective. The cat also needs to be encouraged to exercise and play attack an approved prey object. You should avoid repeating situations where the cat has previously showed biting behavior. For some cats it is necessary to limit lap time. I encourage an office visit to evaluate the cat if you think there is unusual biting behavior.

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