New books at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital

Prevention is the best medicine, and these two books (one for dogs, one for cats) each contain 101 tips that may help you keep your beloved companion out of the emergency room. They also have short case studies relating to the various tips, with outcomes both humorous and tragic.

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A2AH’s new ER website!

24/7 Emergency care is a big part of our business so we've decided to create a new website solely dedicated to ER. We hope this will assist owners and pets in an emergency to find us more quickly and get the information they need faster!

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Adventures in the ER: Denise and Niko

Ranging from comedy to tragedy we've seen it all here at A2AH ER, but when Denise and Niko's story came rushing in one night, it took many of our “I've seen it all” ER docs and techs by surprise! (This story contains graphic images and may not be appropriate for children or the queasy)

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Hope for Patrick

We recently received a call from a friend of the hospital about a badly neglected puppy who had been rescued. After receiving life-saving surgery, Patrick still needs help-- and a home.

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