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Grief Hurts: Resources

There are as many ways to grieve as there are people in the world. When people share their stories, we get the benefit of their hindsight—what they did, how they felt—what they think may have been done differently. In this end-of-life series, we have attempted to share a cross section of stories from our own community. In doing so, we have sought to honor these animals and the depth of feeling for pets who have been loved.

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A Loving and Compassionate End

Whether owners decide to opt for medical procedures hoping to extend a pet’s life or humanely euthanizing their pet, the human animal bond cannot be overstated. The love we feel for our pets results in grief when we lose one. The intensity varies in each individual but emotions are very real. Acknowledging and dealing with pet loss grief is important to recognize because it then allows us to heal and move on.

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Success Story: Nini the Cat

End of Life decisions are, sadly, a part of owning a pet. To euthanize or not to euthanize due to medical problems, quality of life, and (unfortunately) the cost of extreme medical care are all issues which must be weighed by responsible pet owners. This is the story of a family who went to extreme measures to extend the life of their beloved pet, successfully.