Halloween starts the “Chocolate Season”

Halloween begins a string of holidays that feature a variety of sweets. Keep your pet healthy and safe and away from chocolate and other sweets

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Things Dogs Eat That Can Make Them Sick (Or Dead)

Through our actions, we potentially put our pets in danger every day. Making different decisions about what products we really need to use and taking just a few extra precautions can save lives (and really large veterinary bills).

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Thanksgiving tips for pets

Thanksgiving is a time for traveling to visit family and friends and time to enjoy bountiful meals. However, both traveling and the abundance of food can prove stressful or dangerous to your pets. Be sure to keep your companions safe and free from holiday hazards.

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Ask the Canine Behaviorist!

Julia Levitt is our "Miss Manners" for dogs. Do you have a question about your dog's behavior? Feel free to submit it and Julia will try to answer in her blog column here on our site. Today's question is about the holidays and how they affect your dog.

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