Tricks and Treats for Home Health Care

In the spirit of Halloween, here are some tricks with treats you can try to make home health care tasks for your dog and cat—and you!—a little easier. We’ve been using some of these techniques at the clinic and have found that they make the procedures both rewarding for them and successful for us.

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Things Dogs Eat That Can Make Them Sick (Or Dead)

Through our actions, we potentially put our pets in danger every day. Making different decisions about what products we really need to use and taking just a few extra precautions can save lives (and really large veterinary bills).

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Pet Insurance Made Simple

More pet owners are researching pet health insurance to help offset the potential veterinary bills if their pet becomes ill or gets injured. With pet insurance the pet owners can provide the best medical care for their pets without finances getting in the way.

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Rules for treatment of a fickle feline

When animals are sick—especially with chronic illnesses—many treatments may be given if they exhibit dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, appetite loss, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. While a dog often tolerates several different oral medications and might devour six pills hidden in a meatball, it can be tricky to give oral medication to cats as they are much more

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Medications, Convenience and Cost

We often get questions about medications, their sources and cost...It is understandable that people are trying to save money and internet pharmacies are an option. However, the health of your pet is more important to us than anything else...we feel obligated to share concerns that have surfaced with internet pharmacies.

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Traveling with your pet

As part of Microchip month here at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital, we thought we would post some useful information regarding traveling with pets. We've heard some tragic stories of lost animals, but also many of pets and owners reunited because of microchipping. Some other resources you may or may not be aware of include this

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