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Parasites of spring and summer

As the warmer weather of spring brings the outdoors back to life with flowers and animals, the parasites that feed on those animals also make their presence known. Unfortunately, these parasites are numerous and would love to make your pet their new home. The good news is that parasites and their ill effects can be combated and treated and in many cases are preventable.

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Warm weather is coming and with warm weather comes fleas. The best way to fight these pesky parasites is to know your enemy. Here are some facts to help you understand what you are up against when it comes to protecting against and treating your pet for fleas.

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Prevention and treatment of heartworm

April Is Heartworm Awareness Month: Heartworm disease is easily prevented with a variety of veterinary drugs in the form of pills, chewable tablets, topicals and injections. As always, prevention is better than treatment, and we think your pet would agree.

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The Problem with Poopcicles…

Dogs eat poop in Winter. Disgusting but true, many dogs start eating frozen dog stools in winter. We call them "poopsicles." This behavior can be a cause for vomiting and may increase the risk for exposure to parasites, will cause bad breath, and it also just gross. Here are some techniques that have helped other families to stop or prevent poop eating.

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