COMING SOON – Save Money by Caring for Your Pet’s Preventive Health Needs

Just like for people, any time we can prevent a pet from developing a health problem, or by finding a health problem early, the pet most often lives a longer, fuller life. Coming this Spring we are excited to now offer Preventive Health Plans that will help clients pay for the necessary preventive health care needs of their pet.

National Mutt Day

December 2nd is National Mutt Day.  As you probably know, a mutt is any dog that is not a purebred.  According to the Mutt Census of 2010,  53% of all dogs in the United States are mixed breeds (mutts). As part of the 2010 Mutt Census, 36,000 dogs were tested to determine what breeds are represented, and the German

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Farewell to a Hero

Czar - shortly after he retired in 2012 Visitors to our blogs may remember last fall we wrote about our Charity Event and our 2012 Charity partner, NK9WD.   Our "poster child" for last year's event was "Czar" a retired canine AAPD officer.  “Czar” distinguished himself while serving the AAPD by guarding President Obama, Vice President Biden, and the Dalai Lama

Knife Swallowing – Not a Circus Trick!

As so many of us know, having a young dog or cat as part of your family is much like living with a toddler… toilet training, locking away hazards, and growing eyes in the back of your head. The common dangers are identified and avoided— lilies no longer put in vases where cats can reach,

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Jerky Treats related to illness and deaths in dogs

The Food and Drug Administration has been investigating illness and deaths in dogs (and some cats) associated with pet jerky treats.  According to the FDA's findings, from 2007 to 2013, over 3,600 dogs and 10 cats have reportedly become ill from eating pet jerky treats.  The FDA's Consumer Update indicates that 580 dogs have died.

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Toy Breeds Can Be Great Dogs — If You Give Them What They Need

“Tot-Man” in agility training I was so excited. I told all my friends I was getting a Pomeranian. The response I got from all of them went something like this: “I always thought of you as a large breed person. I can't imagine you with a small dog. Why do you want a

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Possible New Viral Disease in Dogs

We are aware of reports of dogs in our area becoming ill with signs including diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, severe lethargy and vasculitis.  While there are many conditions which may present with these symptoms, there has been recent interest in a circovirus being responsible for deaths in Ohio and Michigan. Unfortunately, dog circovirus has only

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