announcement PWATThe night was frigid but inside the Painting with a Twist building the beer and wine were flowing and we, the staff of the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital, were laughing, chatting and flexing our artistic muscles as we painted pictures of our pets. Looking across the room a variety of different pets were represented as dogs, cats, parrots and horses were depicted in brilliant color. Two weeks prior to the event we were told to submit a photo of the pet we wanted to paint and the artists at the studio would sketch them up for us. The staff had our stations ready for us upon arrival with the sketch of our pet as well as tabletop easels, paint and water. pwat-group shot2

The staff of Painting with a Twist was very helpful and offered suggestions as needed. Everyone enjoyed viewing each other’s artwork and commenting on who was a “natural”. This event allowed us to interact with each other outside the work environment, which can often reveal new and interesting things about a person we wouldn’t have known before. I had the pleasure of painting a chihuahua named Pickles for a staff member who was unable to join us that evening. Next to me, Dr. Webster was painting her chihuahua who interestingly enough had a carrot in its mouth. Wendell had the most unique pet, his parrot, and true to life he painted it in brilliant colors on a green background.

Most of us were able to finish but Painting with a Twist allows people to return on certain days to spend time finishing paintings if needed. Each of us walked away with a unique art piece and memories of a fun experience that brought us closer together.

pwat-group shot

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