Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Ann Arbor, MI

Ensuring your pets stay healthy and protected against various diseases is vital, and we’re just as invested in their protection as you are. At Ann Arbor Animal Hospital, we offer a structured vaccination program tailored to meet the specific needs of puppies, adult dogs, kittens, and adult cats. Our dedicated team of veterinarians carefully selects core and lifestyle vaccines to best suit each pet's individual requirements, considering factors like age, weight, and health concerns.

Let’s enhance your pet’s vaccine regimen to support their health. Contact our animal hospital at (734) 662-4474 or make an appointment below.

Cat & Dog Vaccinations In Ann Arbor Mi
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Vaccination Schedule for Puppies and Adult Dogs

See our recommended vaccination schedules for puppies and adult dogs below!

Vaccination Schedule for Kittens and Adult Cats

Our recommended kitten and adult cat vaccination schedules include the following:

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Balancing Safety and Effectiveness when Vaccinating Your Pets

Vaccination visits are typically spaced 2-6 weeks apart to avoid overloading your pet’s immune system. Our veterinarians might adjust the schedule based on your companion’s specific needs. For any series of shots, we need to make sure that no more than 6 weeks elapse between vaccine doses. If this interval is exceeded, we will need to restart your pet’s vaccination series.

In cases of potential rabies exposure, such as an encounter with a wild animal, a booster rabies shot may be necessary within 72 hours of exposure.

Ann Arbor Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing personalized care to ensure the health and wellness of your pet through a comprehensive vaccination strategy. Our experienced veterinarians are here to guide you through the process and help keep your beloved pet protected throughout their life. If you have further questions or concerns, please call us at (734) 662-4474!