The Importance of Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning

At Ann Arbor Animal Hospital, dental care is more than just about keeping your pet's smile bright. Poor dental health can lead to ongoing discomfort and tooth loss, and even impact your pet's organ function and lifespan. About 85% of adult pets suffer from dental disease, the most prevalent disease affecting dogs and cats. The good news is, with proper care, including cat and dog teeth cleaning at our hospital, this condition is generally easily treatable.

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Dog Teeth Cleaning In Ann Arbor Mi

What Our Pet Dental Care Suite Offers

We're proud to offer a dedicated dental suite designed specifically to meet your pet’s dental needs. Our facility is equipped with:

  • A wet table and optimal lighting for precise procedures
  • An advanced drop-down oxygen/scavenger system
  • Cutting-edge dental radiology unit
  • Effective ventilation and sound control for a stress-free environment
  • Ample storage and convenient access to medical records and supplies
  • Spacious design accommodating our dental technicians, anesthetists, and veterinarians
Smiling Corgi Dog Looking Up

Our Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning Procedure at a Glance

At Ann Arbor Animal Hospital, we don’t cut corners when it comes to pet dental care. Each dental procedure for your pet includes:

  • Pre-anesthetic bloodwork and sedative for safety
  • Inhalant anesthesia for adjustable anesthetic depth
  • Continuous IV catheter and fluids during the procedure
  • Thorough monitoring of vital signs
  • Ultrasonic scaling, polishing, and if necessary, extractions
  • Antibacterial chlorhexidine rinse and dental radiographs
  • Post-procedure recovery in a warm kennel
  • A complimentary dental care kit to take home

We also offer Virbac Animal Health Home Dental Care products, including flavored toothpaste and premium chews for dogs, toothbrushes for both dogs and cats, and a special Hill’s Prescription Diet for Dental Health.

Home Care After Dental Procedures

Post-procedure care is vital for your pet's recovery. Here are some tips and guidelines to keep them comfortable and healthy:

  • Keep your pet calm and safe for the night following the procedure.
  • Monitor their behavior; if they are not back to normal by the next morning, contact us.
  • Follow the "home care" instructions provided and use the dental care kit.
  • Limit water intake initially as per the instructions provided.
  • Consider Hill’s Prescription t/d Diet for ongoing dental health.
  • Note that some drooling or a small amount of blood in your pet's saliva post-procedure is normal.

For any further questions about pet dental care, cat and dog teeth cleaning, or if you suspect your pet may be suffering from dental disease, contact us at (734) 662-4474.