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Pet Wellness Care in Ann Arbor: Our Commitment Through Your Companion’s Lifetime

At Ann Arbor Animal Hospital, our veterinarians work closely together, using their collective expertise to create the best treatment plans for your pet. With the support of our highly qualified staff, modern facilities, and the latest equipment, your companion is in good hands! We provide routine pet wellness care that includes annual physical checkups, dental care, and regular vaccinations. Staying on top of these treatments makes it easier for us to help your pet avoid infectious diseases and enjoy a much healthier life at any age.

If you would like the convenience of reordering prescriptions and food for pick up at our drive-thru or via home delivery, see our Prescription Refills page.

If your pet is due for a wellness exam, call (734) 662-4474 or schedule an appointment online.

Multi-Pet Discount

We offer a multi-pet discount when you make an appointment! At our discretion, we can see up to three (3) pets per visit unless appointment availability allows for more. When scheduling your next appointment, ask our team if it would be appropriate to schedule a visit for multiple pets at once.

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Annual Pet Exams

Routine physical examinations are just as important for your pet as they are for you! We recommend a complete physical examination at least once a year for dogs and cats. These annual examinations give your veterinarian the opportunity to monitor your pet’s overall health and spot potential issues before they become serious health concerns. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask your vet important questions about your pet’s health, behavior, and daily care.

During each wellness exam, our vets and technicians will perform a “nose-to-tail” evaluation of your pet—examining his/her vision and hearing, vital signs, and joints and muscles, checking for any lumps or growths on the body, and recommending diet adjustments and more.

Pet Wellness Care at Different Life Stages

Maintaining your pet’s health requires more than an annual visit for a checkup. It includes understanding their needs as they transition through different life stages. At Ann Arbor Animal Hospital, we follow a protocol designed to help you manage your dog or cat’s health needs through these stages to promote optimal health:

For more information about what to expect at your pet’s wellness visit or to schedule an appointment, call us today at (734) 662-4474!

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