This is a series that will post on Wednesdays touching on the various joys and struggles of adopting a rescue dog. Many people have adopted rescues or may be considering it and we thought that a look into what the process is like and the various challenges that may go along with this would be beneficial and of interest to readers. Keep in mind that this is one couple’s story and that every rescue adoption is unique. We look forward to sharing these installments with you weekly! Click here to view pt. 3

An Adoption Story Part 4

It’s now week 2 and Sadie continues to struggle with house training. She also has separation anxiety, so much so that she barks or whines when I leave the room. She has also started peeing in her crate when we leave the house for short periods of time, although she does fine in her crate through the night.

with-antlerWe took her into the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital to get a stool/urine sample tested. Her bowels are still irregular. She tested negative for any sort of parasite, but Dr. Figarra said her stool looked irregular and we were to put her on a rice and cottage cheese diet for 24 hours and then start her back on her regular food. We did this but the problem persists so we will probably have to put her on a special diet.

The weather has gotten extremely cold, and snowy. We take her for walks around our property but her energy is relentless. I take her out on a long training leash so she has room to run and leap through the weeds and our fields. She loves this but I have a feeling I could take her out ten times a day and she wouldn’t tire.

We attended our second day of puppy training with In Harmony Dog Training and this went really well! We learned the command of “place”, along with “come” and “okay” as a release from “place”. Included is a video—please take the time to watch it. We have found this technique to be extremely helpful and practice it multiple times a day. Julia said it would take about a month for a dog to learn and we are determined to teach her because she is constantly underfoot! Sadie continues to be the most active puppy in the class and loves being with the other dogs.

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