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Preventive veterinary health care is an approach that seeks to keep our furry friends as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

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Our laboratory partner, Idexx Reference Laboratories, is offering an early screening test for kidney disease (SDMA levels) in dogs and cats with all routine profiles at no additional cost later this summer. Previously, a 75% loss of kidney function was necessary before detection was possible. The SDMA test can detect the presence of chronic kidney disease with only a 40% loss of function. Chronic kidney disease affects 1 in 10 dogs and is a leading cause of death in geriatric cats, affecting 1 in 3 over their lifetimes. This early detection, (up to 17 months sooner in cats), can allow management and monitoring that can slow the progression of kidney disease and add both quality and quantity to our time together. We’re excited to offer this new test but please keep in mind that it will not be available until late July or early August!


Because we love ‘em!

Early identification of illness and disease allows earlier intervention which can offer a cure in the best case and better control and management of chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, obesity, and heart, liver and kidney disease.


Regular physical exams are a key component of both wellness and preventive health care. When combined with a careful history, a complete physical exam is a valuable assessment of a pet’s health and well-being. Annual exams are recommended for young, healthy pets. Twice yearly exams are recommended for our healthy seniors (~7+ years old), and more frequent monitoring is ideal for those with health concerns.

Additionally, laboratory testing of blood, urine and stool samples can provide a baseline normal for healthy pets and identify abnormalities early, often before our pets tell us they’re sick.

AAAH has made it easy! Our Preventive Health Plans (PHPs) provide unlimited physical exams and all recommended wellness and preventive care (vaccines, testing and medications) at a reduced cost. Please see our web site or discuss PHPs at your next visit for details.


IMG_7933100% of clients surveyed who have PHP’s would be quite to extremely disappointed if we no longer offered PHP’s and 100% of them are likely to renew! Here’s what our clients have to say about the Preventive Health Plans they’ve purchased:

“I would be quite disappointed if A2AH no longer oferred PHP’s-I have more than saved the cost of the plan!”

“We would be quite disappointed if PHP’s were no longer offered! We’ve been in to see the vets multiple times this year with my dog and his digestive issues. I know we saved money in the long run since we were there many times this year.”

” I would be quite disappointed if A2AH no longer offered PHP’s. Particularly with aging/ill cats, it was quite beneficial. I know I was more willing to bring them in for a checkup when it wasn’t an additional expense.”

“Now that (my pet) is getting older and needs medical attention more frequently, I want to be confident that I can provide for her needs. The primary benefits I have experienced from purchasing a PHP are medical exams and discounts on the foods and meds she needs for her kidney disease. I would highly recommend a PHP to other clients an am extremely likely to renew mine this year!”

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