Microchip implant.

Every year in summertime we put out a post on microchipping and this year is no exception. This is because microchipping is fast, easy and inexpensive and makes it much more likely your lost companion can return to you.

Many owners opt to get their pet microchipped when they come in for other procedures like a dental or a neuter/spay. A microchip is inserted in your pet through an injection and like any shot, there is a brief moment of stinging but other than that it’s relatively painless.

Veterinarians and shelters have the ability to scan a pet to locate a microchip and the information contained (usually a phone number) leads to many a happy reunion! The summer is an important time to get this procedure done, if still needed, given how much time we spend outside with our pets, sometimes in far-away locales vacationing.

Make sure your pet is returned to you safe and sound—make sure you ask your vet for a microchip!

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