Motivated by the tragic loss of their six-year-old daughter in 2000, Doug and Julie Stotlar were inspired to create The Kite Network, a non-profit organization that has worked to connect individuals and families, looking for grief support, to each other.

In 2017 The Kite Network became GrieveWell and while continuing their 1:1 peer support they increased their services to include “a range of resources, referrals, and services to expand [our] community impact and help build a more compassionate community with a greater capacity to support individuals in grief.”

Oftentimes pet owners don’t realize why they’re so affected by the loss of a pet. They ask why they haven’t “gotten over” their loss. Pet owners know, our furry friends are a part of our families and their loss is felt intensely. Family and friends may not understand this connection; after all, it’s not a person that died. Grief is a personal thing and GrieveWell recognizes that “there is no right way to grieve, but there are ways to GrieveWell.”


GrieveWell is hosting a Kite Festival on Saturday, June 17th, at Pioneer High school. If owners would like to commemorate a deceased pet they can donate $20 to have their pet’s name printed on a kite and displayed at the event. The festival will offer a fun day filled with kites, crafts, and camaraderie as we celebrate life, honor those who we’ve lost, and support community members currently in grief. The event is free but pre-registration is appreciated. We encourage our clients to reach out for support in coping with the loss of a beloved pet. GrieveWell is a great community resource for just that.

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