It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to Julia Levitt Dog Training here at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital. Julia has been a staple at the clinic for the past six-and-a-half years and she will be dearly missed! But don’t worry, she is not giving up dog training; read below to find out more about what she’ll be doing.

Hi Everyone-
 I want to thank all of you for your support in attending my training classes these past 6 and a half years. While I won’t be teaching classes I will still be training dogs through my board and train service.
What exactly is a board and train service, you ask?
After I evaluate your dog and what you would like to accomplish in their training with me, the next step is your dog coming to live in my home for a month! The response I always get is, “One month—how can I be way from my dog for that period of time?” I always say, “You’d be surprised how quickly a month speeds by!” At the end of one month the owners all agree with me!
First of all, I don’t keep your dog in lock down! The owner comes to visit their dog every week, not only to see the progress he/she has made, but the owners learn how to work with their dog. I also emphasize the importance of how to non-verbally communicate with their dog.

So I am not going away but going in another direction.

I have a lot of memories from my time hosting classed at A2AH but the story below is a particular favorite:
A few years ago a lovely woman named Stephanie brought her little 4-pound pup to class. The pup was so afraid that when Stephanie put her on the floor of the training room, the pup froze and wouldn’t budge. I asked Stephanie to pick her up; we weren’t in class to prove anything. Whenever the pup was ready she would walk. The classes are four sessions in length. For the entire four sessions Stephanie’s pup would not walk on the floor. Stephanie was determined. She signed up for my next class. In the next class, it was like she had a different dog. Not only did her pup walk on the floor but she wanted to play with all the dogs in class. To be more specific, all the big dogs! Stephanie did not give up; she was patient and persistent. I asked Stephanie tell everyone in the next class about her pup and of course no one believed us!
Thanks -Julia

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