Kipper is a 4.5 yo Golden Doodle. He has been a member of my home for the past 3 yrs and we are entering our 3rd year as members of Therapaws of Michigan. I always wanted a Golden Doodle and to work with him in some way. I felt my location in Ann Arbor was prime territory for therapy work. Kipper and I usually do campus and school visits. Kipper is a regular at the University of Michigan during finals week. He thrives on the energy of the students. He is a young active dog and is a good fit for these types of environments.It really touches me when the students get emotional during the final exam week visits. I almost think it is a stress release mechanism brought on by interacting with the dog.  Becoming a therapy team is a very rewarding way to work with your dog!  Thanks to the team at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital for keeping Kipper fit to do his job!!

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