Dental care is one of the most basic medical needs that should be attended to by the conscientious pet owner. Dental health affects not only the brilliance of our animal’s smiles and the freshness of their breath but, if not addressed, can lead to pain and tooth loss and can even affect organ function and longevity.

With this in mind, we have improved our dental service by refurbishing our hospital with a newly-designed and -constructed dental suite which we completed this month. We had outgrown our original dental space which was in the corner of our main treatment room. It is not unusual for our surgical staff to have 8-10 scheduled dental patients each week; with this case load, it became a bit awkward to verify staff was outside of the radiation area before we took dental films. There was a familiar cry of, “All Clear!” before we could snap each image. This problem has been resolved with our new suite.

This refurbished space includes:

Our new dental suite!

Our new dental suite!

– new wet table and lighting

– drop down oxygen/scavenger system

– updated dental radiology unit

– improved ventilation and sound control

– lots of storage

– convenient access to records and supplies

– plenty of space for technician, anesthetist and veterinarian

– a lovely window with a view of West Liberty

We are greatly enjoying our new Dental Suite! Should your pet need this service you can be confident that we will, as ever, be ‘always here, always ready, always caring’.

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